Champions League

You know who they are, you know their names and there’s no denying their success. You might not like either of them, you don’t have to, but if you c [...]
This past week’s round of Champions League action saw yet another record smashed, as Lionel Messi became the competition’s leading goal scorer for h [...]
Pep Guardiola’s return to the club that he enjoyed so much success with as a player and manager didn’t turn out how he would have hoped, but there was more [...]
Football fans are not the calmest people on the planet and it’s doubtful that there is someone that doesn’t know that. Nevertheless, they usually stop thems [...]
Arsene Wenger has spent 20 years managing Arsenal, which is simply incredible and a bit hard to comprehend given how often coaches are fired and change teams in [...]
The in-form Manchester City winger will meet with Brendan Rodger’s Celtic on Wednesday night, as Manchester City travel to Celtic Park to continue their Champ [...]
A couple of days ago, Celtic, a former European champions, suffered what was one of their most embarrassing defeats throughout their history. The Scottish team [...]
Arsenal definitely didn’t have the best of starts this season, continued to slide tonight as well. The Gunners played against Paris Saint-Germain, but barely [...]