Funny how Messi is amazed and gets a kick out of Pinto's Skill. And watches it like a cute little brother. And on the contrary, see Messi's flying skills be [...]
This is probably the greatest goal that was never scored. Borussia Mönchengladbach's Hans-Günter Bruns scores the non-goal of the year in this 1983 Bundesliga [...]
Maradona's last professional match for Boca Juniors in 1997. Pretty overweight and slow, but you can still see the glimpse of his skills. Notice Pablo Aimar a [...]
Best goal is a subjective thing, but most of the great football players each have some great memorable goals to their name. Here are some: Diego Maradona A [...]
You'd think Messi is a perfect player and an epitome of fair play, but he does fake or dive once in a while. Goes to show that he's only human, I guess. http [...]
Luis Moreno Kicks Owl off Pitch Zaire's Bizarre Clearance of Brazil World Cup Free Kick The Diving Referee Frank Rijkaard vs. Rudi Voller http:/ [...]
Totti Kicks Balotelli Totti red card vs Inter Milan, disgraceful kick by the Roma Captain, career threatening kick which could of broken Mario Balotellis leg [...]
Pepe can be a dirty and foul player. The videos don't lie. Here's a disgraceful fouls compilations of Pepe. Pepe kicks player in game. Pepe plays dirty [...]
PuNani dive Vs Newcastle United Drama-queen PuNani play acting & crying Vs Liverpool A video of Nani head-butting Lucas Neill, clearly very gentle but [...]
Boca Juniors legend and Argentine footballer Martin Palermo is one of the most celebrated players in Argentina. He is in the ranks of Maradona and Messi within [...]
Young Lionel Messi At La Masia - FC Barcelona. Excellent Clip from the DVD 'FC Barcelona More Than A Club'. Notice the very typical Messi chip that he uses so o [...]
Argentine Football club Independiente owner Javier Cantero had his press conference interrupted by a mob of angry fans. Independiente has been relegated to a lo [...]
FC Barcelona Infantil team (U-14) won the Reino de León tournament defeating Atlético de Madrid in a thrilling penalty shootout. So whats the wonder? Barça g [...]
The hottie Refree is Bibiana Steinhaus and this funny incident happened in a German 2nd league match between Hertha Berlin and Aachen, and the player is Hertha' [...]
Liverpool's Luis Suarez has apologised for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic during a Premier League clash. Suarez said sorry on his personal Twitter a [...]
Check out the pictures and videos of football star Lionel Messi and his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo. Lionel Messi in Brazil with his girlfriend Antonel [...]
LOL. Messi is so funny. Gotta love the music too. [...]
Diego Maradona has said this afternoon in Marbella that FIFA president Sepp Blatter "is a slave to the players," arguing that players can exist without it but t [...]
Messi as 5 year old kid. No wonder Messi was like a supersonic horse even then. [...]
Chelsea FC may not play the greatest soccer in the world in their current form, but they've got the hottest club doctor in the world. Eva Carneiro is a Gibra [...]