Falkenberg vs Norrkoping 4 – 2 : Sep 28, 2014

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The football match Falkenberg vs Norrkoping was played in Sweden Allsvenskan on Sep 28, 2014 and the match Falkenberg vs Norrkoping ended with score 4 - 2.

Title: Falkenberg vs Norrkoping

Date: Sep 28, 2014

Falkenberg vs Norrkoping Score
Result: 4 - 2

Falkenberg vs Norrkoping Match Statistics

Scoring Summary
D. Johansson (')
Shots Total 30
Shots on goal 20
Corners 10
Offsides 00
Possession Time 69%31%
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Saves 01
1O. Martler G
2R. Sjostedt M
8T. Karlsson M
4D. Johansson M
13A. Eriksson M
21D. Keat M
7D. Svensson M
12C. Carlsson M
28P. Ingelsten A
15S. Rodevag A
10A. Wede A
29M. Sahlman G
28L. Wahlqvist M
2E. Skagestad M
23D. Wiklander M
22C. Meneses M
8R. Lawan M
26A. Fransson M
4A. Johansson M
11C. Telo M
17A. Kamara A
10E. Kujovic A
5C. Andersson
22G. Donyoh
14P. Karlsson
17R. Ryden
18J. Sait
11J. Vall
20C. Wede
15M. Falk-Olander
7L. Gerson
19M. Halvadzic
91D. Nilsson
5C. Nyman
13N. Tkalcic
9A. Traustason


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