Kashima Antlers vs Tokyo 2 – 2 : Aug 30, 2014

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The football match Kashima Antlers vs Tokyo was played in Japan J1 League on Aug 30, 2014 at the stadium Kashima Soccer Stadium (Kashima) and the match Kashima Antlers vs Tokyo ended with score 2 - 2.

Title: Kashima Antlers vs Tokyo

Date: Aug 30, 2014
Stadium: Kashima Soccer Stadium (Kashima)

Kashima Antlers vs Tokyo Score
Result: 2 - 2


Nawal says:

astonished that even after that dreadful night in frciso, something as simple and wonderful as two new TA songs has me buzzing and already ready for our next home match.

Nid says:

I had an URT. A Catamount. It was a love-hate thing. I loved the efficiency. I hated the fact that every time I stood up on a steep dohniwll to lift the front over something the bike would want to buck me forward/up. I often thought the bike would be better suited to a front suspension with 1-2 more inches travel than the rear, as well as a slack head angle. Is it me, or does GT’s i-Drive eliminate nearly all of these negative traits, while keeping most of the good?

Marinella says:

And for good reasons.No eieerxpnce with a URT myself, but by the looks of it, the BB-Seat distance changes when the suspension moves, right? That would be a complete no-no for me.Does it? In theory that would create pulses of tension on your muscles when they contract the other way

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