Make a buck between two games at the Euro Palace online casino

Whether your team wins or loses, those minutes between the halves might seem endless to some. Why not fill the void with a quick casino game, maybe even making a few bucks in the process?

Online casinos have the great advantage over real life, ‘brick-and-mortar’ facilities that they are always at your fingertips: they can be accessed in just a few seconds at every hour of the day, seven days a week, on bank holidays or weekends – whenever you feel the need. Loading your favorite game takes only a few seconds, and you can start playing before the first commercial ends.

What games you can play in such an online casino? The short answer: everything, or even more, that you can in a real life one. Visit games at Euro Palace, for example, to see.

The long answer: online casinos have every game you might expect to see in a real life facility, only in much greater variety. If a real life casino has several roulette and blackjack tables, the online version has several variants of the game – French, American and European roulette, blackjack tables with various deck sizes and rules, and slot machines in a variety you can’t imagine to find at a real life casino.

Slot machines seem to be among the most popular online casino games, and they are made by developers in the greatest variety of them all. Even those with the smallest offer have tens of variants in their list, and the oldest ones (like Microgaming) have hundreds, with various themes rules, side games, bonuses and jackpots. Some even have progressive jackpots worth millions of credits (dollars, euros, British pounds, you name it) – a bonus worth playing for.

I personally enjoy playing slot machines the most out of the great offer of casino games available online. I don’t always play them for money, though – maybe this is the reason I visit the Euro Palace casino so often (I have an account there, but I don’t always log on). They have an extensive instant games offer, games that can be played without the need to register, log on, deposit money or any such stuff. You just clickety click introduce the address (, remember?), find the game that looks the most interesting at the moment, click “Demo” (you’ll see) and play. No strings attached.

Euro Palace is an online casino owned and operated by Fortune Lounge Group, a company based and licensed in Malta. It has a portfolio of several popular international casinos, and many local versions of them. They are also active in online poker and bingo. They are among the oldest operators still in business – they have launched their first online casino, the 7 Sultans, back in 1999.

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