Stevenage vs Everton Videos 0 – 4 – Jan 25, 2014

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The football match Stevenage vs Everton was played in England FA Cup on Jan 25, 2014 at the stadium The Lamex Stadium and the match Stevenage vs Everton ended with score 0 - 4.

Title: Stevenage vs Everton Videos

Date: Jan 25, 2014
Stadium: The Lamex Stadium

Stevenage vs Everton Score
Result: 0 - 4
Steven Naismith (5')
Steven Naismith (32')
John Heitinga (55')
Magaye Gueye (84')


Giuseppe says:

Sadly and reluctantly, I’m not so sure I agree. As I wrote a year ago, We now know the last eight for the Carling Cup and my, how bornig a line up is that? The Arsenal v Liverpool match the other night was of a high standard and quite entertaining, but in the end, the result just didn’t matter a jot as the game unfolded, I found myself adopting the dispassionate bearing of a student of the game rather than somebody caught up in the passion and excitement of it all. I felt like a scout watching new players, prepared to leave ten minutes before the end, Capello style. I didn’t care and frankly, who else would? I agree that the competition can provide moments of excitement for unheralded clubs, but the tendency for the bigger guns to field weakened line ups ever devalues these triumphs and the scheduling of an international week has only made matters worse this year.I believe that Torquay would have stood a very good chance of beating even a full Reading line up but the Royals’ line up for tomorrow’s match will likely be seriously denuded, thus taking the gloss of any Gulls victory.

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